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Shotcrete Contractor | Texas | CCP Shotcrete + Pumping

CCP is a shotcrete placement contractor for below grade structural walls, culvert and tunnel linings, shoring, skateparks and architectural applications.

Health and safety considerations when operating shotcrete machine

How to operating shotcrete machine healthy and safety, what’s the considerations? The Health and safe work procedure for shotcrete as below: 1. The shotcrete workers should daily review the job site conditions such as pressured lines, equipment set-up, hazards from debris and the environment.

Shotcrete, Gunite, Mixing, and Pumping Equipment Training

Blastcrete is a member of the American Shotcrete Association. Certified nozzleman training for shotcrete is available through ASA and the American Concrete Institute. Contact the ASA at www.shotcrete.org, ACI at www.aci.org, or call us at 1-800-235-4867

Gunite Equipment Sales-United Equipment Sales

United Equipment Sales specializes in a full line of gunite machines for dry mix and wet mix, shotcrete and robotic sprayers. We can provide for all your needs in heavy duty construction equipment, including: gunite equipment, towable plaster pumps, drywall texture machines, mortar mixers, shotcrete pumps, fireproofing plaster pumps, shotcrete pumps, grout and mudjacking pumps, drywall pumps ...

What is Gunite - Shotcrete?

It takes 28 – 50 days (depending on geographical variables) for gunite / shotcrete to fully cure. So the next pool builder that tells you they can build your custom gunite pool in a month or less is bluffing you. From a practical sense you should not even think about plastering the interior surface until 4 weeks after the gunite was installed.

Shotcrete - Concrete Repairing Techniques

Mar 24, 2014 · Wet mix shotcrete, as a result, may experience significantly more cracking problems due to the excess water and drying shrinkage. Advances in the development of the high range water reducing admixtures, pumping aids, and concrete pumping equipment since about 1960 have greatly reduced these problems, and wet mix shotcrete is now being used more frequently in repair construction.

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Dry- and Wet-Mix Process Shotcrete

The two basic methods for applying shotcrete are the dry-mix process and the wet-mix process. The term gunite is frequently used when referring to the dry-mix method; other terms such as air-placed concrete, gunned concrete and sprayed concrete have also been used in the past to describe the process.

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shotcrete machine

we are shotcrete machine fatory and supply shotcrete machine for sale, if you want to get shotcrete machine price and shotcrete machine cost, you can contact us, shotcrete machine is used for concrete spraying at tunnel building, mining and slope project, etc.

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Custom Shotcrete, Gunite, Mixing Pumping Equipment for Residential Construction Blastcrete ramps up your efficiency in residential applications. We offer concrete mixer-pump combinations, gunning machines and pumps that effectively for block fill, ss, grouting, …

Mini concrete pump/Shotcrete Pump

Sep 06, 2015 · Full Hydraulic Mini Concrete Pump is used to pump or spray the suitable concrete by conveying pipe to the working surface.This modern construction equipment is widely applied in hydroelectric ...

Gunite Construction Company, Specialty Concrete Services

Gunite or shotcrete work hand-in-hand with rebar and wire mesh to repair any concrete structure to its original shape and strength. Bridges, abutments, walls, and overhead applications are a few of the more common fixes. No matter what strength requirement is needed, we can provide a mix design and application for your company to achieve its goal.

Shotcrete Advantages + Applications | CCP Shotcrete + Pumping

Shotcrete is an all-inclusive term to describe the spraying of concrete or mortar that may be accomplished through either a dry or wet-mix process. Gunite refers only to the dry-mix process in which the dry cementitious mixture is blown through a hose to the nozzle, where the water is injected immediately prior to application.


Airplaco offers a variety of machines for shotcrete jobs. Whether you prefer a wet-mix or dry-mix process we have the equipment to match. Our shotcrete machines are used across many applications; pool construction, soil stabilization, bridge repair, refractory, and mining to name a few. View All Shotcrete

Gunite Dry Mixers-United Equipment Sales

634 Mix-ElvatorTM Dry-Mix Gunite Batch Plant. The Mix-Elvator Model 634D is a medium to high production gunite batch plant (dry shotcrete) for sand / cement proportioning, mixing and conveying of dry Gunite / Refractory materials.

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Refractory Installation Methods - Shotcrete Gunite and Pump

Jan 21, 2014 · It usually includes additives to make it stickier. Gunite is applied by a special machine that uses air to push the dry (or pre-dampened) gunite through a hose and to the target. Water (or additive) is added at the nozzle to moisten the dry mix so it sticks to the surface. Shotcrete

Concrete vs. Shotcrete vs. Gunite

Jul 08, 2019 · Gunite is generally a less expensive process than shotcrete and concrete pouring, with most of the same advantages as shotcrete. However, the gunite process is not without disadvantages. It does require a skilled operator who understands how to achieve the proper ratios when mixing concrete. Otherwise, the quality of the concrete could be ...

Shotcrete-United Equipment Sales

United Equipment Sales sells dozens of types of used concrete pumps, used mortar mixers and used plaster pumps, including the full line of SANY heavy equipment. CALL US for SANY Earth Moving Machines Excavators, Crawler cranes, Motor graders, Drill rigs, Concrete pumps, Boom Trucks, Mortar mixers, Heavy Construction Equipment.

Shotcrete and Gunite

3. Dry-mix shotcrete (gunite) is quite economical, can be quickly prepared and applied unlike the wet-mix variety. It is quite suitable for overhead application where wet-mix shotcrete may not stick well and may sag or fall off. 4. If very thin linings or coatings are required to be applied on a surface or if the quantum of the work is

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Gunite, Shotcrete, Gunite Pool, Gunite Machine, Dry-Mix Gunite Batch Plant HGA-530 Grout Mixer Grout Pump Masonry Block Fill, Core Fill, Mortar Pumping, Grout Pumping, Airplaco PumpMaster

Shotcrete or Gunite, which is better for your pool?

Gunite is a nick name for shotcrete there are 2 kinds wet mix and dry mix dry mix is mixed at the nozzole wet mix comes wet and has rocks in it among other things to make it stronger for the frost we get in the mid-west gunite is the nick name of the first wet mix crew in 1942 during the war a man who owned the gunite gun smith shop invented ...

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Wet Shotcrete and Pumping Equipment

Underground Hybrid Shotcrete Carrier (Link to Underground Mobile Equipment) Wet Shotcreting and Pumping. Thiessen Team's experience with wet shotcrete application is second to none. We have employed experienced professionals with project diversity and technical expertise as well we distribute equipment and products that we know will get the job ...

Hire Equipment

Antec offer a wide range of equipment for hire from compact manual hand grouting machines to collodial mixers, and gunite mixers. Contact us to discuss your specific hire requirements.

REED Concrete Pumps Shotcrete Pumps and Guncrete Gunite

Gunite, also known as "dry process shotcrete", uses a different process than the concrete pumps listed above. Gunite machines use air pressure to convey dry material from the machine through the hose to the nozzle where water is added. ...